Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Comments From the Peanut Gallery are Entirely Welcome

Hello Dear Readers,

I've noticed that this blog, still quite in its infancy, has received far more views in the last couple of days.  I suppose the ball is rolling!  It's also nice to see that people are staying on the site longer than just a few seconds during each visit.  However, I would love to see more interaction from people who are making this a daily stop-by.  Therefore, don't be shy!  Please comment on my blogs.  Tell me where I'm going right, and for goodness sake, please let me know where I'm going wrong.  I'd like to make this be an interesting read for as many people as possible.  I know, of course, that not everyone who stops by will be thrilled to read about library school or professional development, but if you have something to contribute, a comment, or even a nice kudos, I'd be so appreciative if you'd click on the little comment button below the blog.  Get a conversation going!  I promise I'll have a bigger blog for everyone tomorrow.


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