Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why Do I Want to be a Librarian When I Grow Up - An Essay

Don't you just love remembering those essays we did in grade school about what we wanted to be when we grew up?  Inevitably, there was always some kid who wanted to be the President.  Others wanted to be ballerinas, actors, rock stars, or astronauts.  There was the real smart kid or kids who were SO taken in with the 8-bit Nintendo that came out when I was in second grade, that they wanted to be game designers. 

I wanted to be a meteorologist.  I suppose the idea of helping people figure out what the weather would be day in and day out had it's allure.  I'd be a purveyor of information, albeit meteorological information.  It wouldn't hurt that I would be in front of television cameras.  When I realized that science isn't especially a strong suit, I backed off from the idea.  I fell into restaurant management straight out of high school.  Then, I found myself a manager of a bookstore in my mid-twenties.  I loved the part where I found what people were looking for, and directed them straight to it.  If it wasn't in my store, we'd find it somewhere else.  I became known to my co-workers and my customers as someone who could find the answer to any question.  Then my company went bankrupt and I was given the glorious idea of going to college.  As a Graduate Library Assistant, I get to practice my craft.

For instance, today I got to answer a question e-mailed to me by one of the faculty members of the Math Department.  An online journal, Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics, which the university pays to have access to was not working correctly.  Anyone on our campus, using our campus network, should be able to get free access to all the articles in that journal dating back to 1996.  However, the website for the journal was requiring either a username and password login, or payment to download the PDFs of the articles he wanted.  While I forwarded the e-mail to my boss to see what she can do to fix that problem, I found that those articles were accessible through another website, and sent those URLs over to the faculty member. He was very appreciative and sent a nice thank you note in response.  It completely made my day. 

I love questions like these, and I love being able to do something to help people find what they need.  It's my favorite part of the job.  I also love organizing information, making things more accessible to students and faculty.  I was disappointed that I couldn't take Principles of Cataloguing these semester.  It will have to wait until next Fall, my last semester.  I may let things get a bit disorganized at home or in my personal life, but I have absolutely no patience for disorganization at work.  However, the most rewarding aspect of my job, and I hope my future job, is the ability to help people find information.

Thanks for reading this silly post.  I hope if you are an aspiring librarian, like me, it helped to remind you why you are going into this line of work.

Long Live Librarians!

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