Friday, April 13, 2012

A Late Night Talk with Simone

I just spent a lovely hour talking via Facebook Chat with a girl that I met in Brazil last year named Simone.  She hardly knows a bit of English, and I barely know any Portuguese, but we were able to converse rather quickly with the help of Babelfish.  Now, I know that Babelfish isn't always the best translator, but she said she understood everything I typed and I could understand most of what she said as well.  It was a lot of fun and it helped remind me a lot of basic Portuguese words.

I'll always remember Simone because she gave me a bit of a makeover the evening we were to go out to celebrate both my birthday and the birthday of one of the other church members on our trip.  Yep, April 1st babies are the coolest!  The next day, Simone found a lovely shell with a hole right in the middle, perfect for stringing on a chain.  She gave it to me.  That's the amazing thing about the Brazilians down there.  They are the perfect hosts and so giving.  Simone asked me if I would be coming back soon, but I have no plans to back anytime in the near future, maybe not ever, although I would in a heartbeat if the occasion arose.

The kids there were amazing.  I was so enchanted with their eager minds and it's hard not to feel despondent about the fact that most will never make to high school or college, even though they were a thousand times smarter than a lot of American college students.  I have a few pictures from my time there, but this little girl was so sweet!  She knew exactly how pose with her hand on her face.  Someone must have taught her that.

Then there was this little boy, who at first was a little camera shy, but he soon came out of his shell after a couple of days.  Maybe one day I'll be back, but until then, I'll keep praying for Niteroi, Brazil.

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