Monday, April 16, 2012

Pottermore!!! Oh boy, oh boy, Pottermore!!!

Seriously, could this not have waited just a few more weeks?  I was being SO productive, I really was.  Getting homework done, cleaning my room, preparing the flurry of applications that I will have to fill out this summer if I really want a job after I graduate in December, working on my Mandarin - now it's all for naught. 

Why?  Because Pottermore is now officially open to the public.  It takes about a day for you to register, receive a confirmation e-mail, and receive the invitation needed to join Pottermore, but once you do......oh my goodness!  It is absolutely heaven for anyone who has ever been a fan of the Harry Potter series.  You are taken on a journey through every since chapter of the series.  At first, you are required to look at scenes from the book and try to find hidden objects.  By clicking on them, you are taken to a page that explains what is happening in the scene.  Certain objects might take you to a page in which J.K. Rowling explains certain things.  For instance, did you ever wonder why Privet Drive was chosen for the name of Harry Potter's boyhood street?  Why did Rowling pick Vernon and Petunia for the names of Potter's uncle and aunt?  Well, I know, but I'm not telling YOU! 

Later on, you'll visit Diagon Alley and buy your textbooks and wizarding equipment.  You can pick your pet, mine is a ginger cat, and you can answer a set of questions to get a wand.  My wand is a 13 3/4 inch spruce with a phoenix feather core. 

The only drawback to the site is that a username is picked for you.  This is supposed to help keep children from being preyed upon by pedophiles, which is understandable.  However, you have memorize something a bit random.  For instance, my username is GobletErised followed by a random 4 number sequence.  However, I've already memorized it, so perhaps it's not as difficult as I thought.

So, I will probably have to wait a bit before I can waste more time on the site.  If nothing else, reading the books over again while I go through Pottermore will help me add to my goal of reading 70 books in 2012.  I really highly suggest that you, dear reader, jump on this bandwagon, because it loads of fun!  Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your enemies! 


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