Thursday, December 20, 2012

North Carolina, Car Brakes, Cruise Ships, Mono, and GRADUATION!!!!!

So, it's been a month since I've updated this blog.  Actually, considering how horrible I am at keeping up personal blogs, that's pretty good! 

A whole month then, huh?  Since the last time I've posted, I developed mono for the second time in my life.  That's right folks, I belong to the special, unique 6% of those who have had mono once in their life, and then get it again at some point later.  For me, that would be a whole 15 years later.  On top of that, I also developed strep throat at the same time.  That would be nearly seven years since the last time I had strep.  All of this occurred, of course, during Thanksgiving break and the week after, right when a million projects and papers were due for class.  I did miss one evening class, but I had a doctor's excuse and my cataloging professor is the sweetest lady.  During this time, after I had been diagnosed with mono, but not diagnosed yet for strep, I wrote a ten page paper, a six page paper, and a three page paper, and worked on my part of a group project/presentation.  All in bed, all while nursing a horrible sore throat and the worst fatigue I have never felt in my life.  Just call me SuperWoman.  Go ahead.  I deserve it.

My best friend and I at Steak and Shake
We both have the same first name.  I'm on the left.

What's really amazing about the whole mess is that I got full points for these papers and I ended up graduating with a 4.0 GPA.  Not one "B" on my transcript as a graduate student.  I know, of course, that companies and libraries are looking for much more than just good grades, but shouldn't it count for something?  The graduation ceremony was a lot of fun, mainly because I got to eat out with my best friend, my boyfriend, and my parents, and sister.  My best friend couldn't make it to the ceremony, but everyone else was there and I was told that my sister screamed so loud when I walked across the stage to get my fake diploma, that she scared everyone around her.  I didn't hear a thing.  I never do.  I'm far too focused on making sure I walk up the steps, across the stage, and down the steps in one piece.  I did the same thing two years ago when I got my undergraduate degrees.  My graduation cap, with the LOC call number designating my graduation at my institution, along with the cutter for my last name is pictured below.

Speaking of jobs.  I was offered a position with a seminary in North Carolina.  It would have been a great job, but it was paraprofessional and paid exactly the same amount of money that I was earning twelve years ago as a brand new assistant manager at Denny's.  With student loan repayment looming, a twelve year old car that really needs to be replaced, and the cost of living in Charlotte, it just wasn't going to work. On the up side, I had a phone interview for an amazing opportunity.  I would be working on a cruise ship as its sole librarian.  This particular cruise goes back and forth between Sydney and Auckland, New Zealand.  It would be long hours, hardly any time off, and the pay is low, but I wouldn't have to worry about paying for rent, utilities, internet, car insurance, gas, food, and I would probably get an Australian pay-as-you-go phone.  Flights to and from Sydney are also paid by the company.  A lot of the money made could go towards paying off school loans and saving for the future.  I think it's a 10-month contract, but it would fulfill my lifelong wish to stand on every continent.  Who knows?  Maybe I'd stay for a few years if I really enjoyed it.  Plus, the library looks like this:

Gorgeous, right?

Yesterday, while driving to another interview, this one here at home working at a JoAnn Fabrics, I found that I could barely stop my car in time before rear-ending someone at a stoplight.  So, I took my car in to the mechanics' and will now be $300 poorer than before.  Did I mention my car is 12 years old?  It's really seeing its final days.  If I did get the cruise ship job, I would definitely be saving for a new car.  Meanwhile, I think I lost my chance with JoAnn Fabrics.  It's almost as if I'm not supposed to stay here, but where am I going?

In the end, at least I have a new Doctor Who episode to look forward to.  Now if only I can figure out how to watch it while I'm at my parents' house.  They're not Anglophiles like me.  By the way, if you feel that I'm horribly slow at updating this blog, never forget that I have my Tumblrs ( and which I update with a bit more frequency than here.  I should go, but I leave you with this video and a fond farewell until next time.


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