Friday, December 28, 2012

Second Interviews and Slow Days

As you might imagine, Ellis Library is as dull as a tomb right now.  Dull, dull, dull.  I've written two blogs for Scripta Manent (the first will be published on the 1st) and have done all I can to match call slips and look for missing books, but there's still four more hours of this work week left and nothing to do!  Doesn't anybody need help figuring out the microform machines?

Meanwhile, I just had my second interview with the cruise line.  Funny how I was far more nervous for this interview than the first one.  I feel that I kept tripping over words, not at all eloquent or poised.  I hope my enthusiasm for the position made up for it.  And I am enthused!  After talking to the interviewer, I feel a lot more confident that I can do this job.  I'm excited about helping with trivia nights and being responsible for daily quizzes, Sudoku puzzles, and crosswords.  My only worry is that I'll want to do the quizzes, Sudoku, and crosswords.  I wonder if I can set up some sort of lecture on just HOW to solve them.

Must make a mental note, should I get hired, to bring a bunch of crossword puzzles and Sudoku books on board with me.

If I heard correctly, the ship I would be hired for seems to make its way around South America, then Canada and the New England coast starting in May, and then through the Panama Canal to Hawaii during the last couple months of the year.  The position would not start until the beginning of February.  I think it would be a neat experience.  Plus, I found out that Debbie Reynolds christened the ship back in 1996.  Fun trivia fact: Debbie Reynolds and I share the same birthday.  Sign?  I sure hope so!


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