Saturday, January 5, 2013

Melting Snow, Hy-Vee, and Learning How to NOT Constantly Sit on Pins and Needles

This whole past week I have been a big ball of anxious energy, checking my e-mail every fifteen minutes and figuring out what I would need to do to close up shop in the U.S. and live on the high seas for nearly a year. I was supposed to hear back by now from the employer with whom I had my second interview last Friday, but alas, nothing was sent to me.  There could be many reasons why.  No doubt the holidays slow things down, or the position could have been offered first to someone else.  Who knows?  All I really know is that means I have another weekend to endure (at least) until I hear something.

                                                     Future Home/Place of Work?

Frankly, I haven't really applied to any professional jobs in the last two weeks.  There's so many jobs that I've yet to hear back from (probably because of the holidays) and I've kind of burnt myself out on the whole cover letter/resume/application/transcripts hoops I have to jump through for each and every position.  I'm starting to treat the whole process kind of like college essays.  I think the only way to get me back into the game is a change of venue.  While in college, I would often make myself go somewhere with good wi-fi, buy some food, and then sit at an uncomfortable booth and stay there until I had made considerable progress on the paper, or finished it altogether.  Often, this would happen when a big deadline was looming over my head.  Well, the thing with applying for jobs is that there is no real deadline, but then again, I am about to lose my assistantship, which means I'm out of income, which means the rent doesn't get paid.

So, I think I need to head to Hy-Vee for some Chinese food.  Seriously, for those of you unlucky enough to live in an area without Hy-Vee, I pity you.  That place is like how I imagine heaven will be, only there will be no such thing as money or payment for services rendered in heaven.  There, I'll start applying again with my trusty laptop.  I do have an interview on Monday with the local public library for a little part-time job.  Hopefully, if I did get that position, I could find another part-time job (or full time) and work until something better came around.  At least then I could continue some sort of library employment and get some practical public library experience to boot.

By the way, the snow we received on New Year's Eve is finally melting away.  Water is dripping from the roof of my third floor apartment and my flatmate is singing away in her room next to mine.  She's been waking me up with her singing this past week long before my alarm is set to go off.  I've been considering that preparation for "ship life" where I'll be, no doubt, getting into a routine of waking early, working out, showering, eating breakfast, and going to work in my library, but now it's just plain annoying.  I console myself with the fact that her singing means she's in a good mood and flatmates in good spirits are always a blessing.  If I hear anything back from the cruise ship job, I'll make sure to update you all here!

Hope everyone has had a great start to 2013!


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